Will it Snow? Hello December


When you cry, the whole world feel your pain. (Kang Jin-Oppa when still young, cast by Kim Soo Hyun) – Will it snow for Christmas?.

Olla everyone..! It’s been a while. Do you missed me already hahaaa? I hope you been doing good as usual “Chingu ya”. Just take care of your good health in this kinda unpredictable weather.

It just another post on the blog anyway. December is come along, full of cheers for you who will celebrate Christmas and even New Yeaar yeaaaah.. I just respect even not celebrate it ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m the one who like drama korea a lot, you know what guysss.. it’s a bit story yaa of course if you wanna know for sure hehe, if not that’s just okay heheee. I first fell in love with “San Chai” you know Taiwan movie drama that’s been hits, and then started to like “Full House” Drama Korea at the very first time, not just because the casts but also the story, it’s a bit different, funny and yaaa of course romance.

After that it’s just like a big boom, K-Drama fever started to hits and they really know how to fascinate and making mostly women’s heart to attract with the Drama.. so much more titles of good drama that makes big “Bang”.

I never get bored to watch it over and over again, depending on the story of course.. but i’m not that fanatic, yaah I like it but still not too much over.. If I really loves it then surely never get bored of the interesting stories. I wonder how they really smart to make the plot and making our heart is really in to it. We need to learn from that… ๐Ÿ˜€

Hmmm anyway busway… since it’s December, I remember one of the Korean Drama that makes me even crying from the first episode till the end. If you don’t have lots of saved tears, then I suggested you need to prepare to make your eyelids become dry to and end.. How possibly not?.

Will it snow for Christmas K-Drama is just one of thousand more Korean Drama. I learn that “Love”, “Sarang” can even break the biggest hatred.. If “sincere love” just bigger than the hate itself, how possibly not the very hard heart & soul melted and just giving a forgiveness.. peace is the outcome.

Such a beautiful story in and end.

Ahhh it just too late, I need to say goodbye.. See ya next post guyss anyway!!!


Ps: I actually missed to notice at the first time watching this drama, just before Song Jong Kii Oppa becomes the biggest hits and really popular after played his awesome role in “Descendant of The Sun”, he is also performed in this drama even just take little parts as Han Ji Wan’s bro that passed away after lookin for the pendant but still he is having such charisma.. so cute and of courseee handsome aaawwwww… hahaaa LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

There is so much K-Drama that will touch your heart, and this just one of the title that will drain out your tears…

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