Tips Office Outfits (Part 1)


Is Google a boy or a girl? Obviously a girl because it won’t let you finish your sentence wihtout suggesting other ideas 😛

Olla everyone.. how are you today? hope you doing fine, keep on spirit as always and of course be brave to face whatever challenge in front of you.

Today’s post is about a simple outfits tips to office (part 1). Sometimes for hijabers, the woman or muslimah who is wearing hijab, they still not confident or sometimes still lookin for the right style what they need to wear in the office.

If you office is a casual one, it just fits for you. Here is you need to consider :

#1. Numero uno, I mean the tips no.1 is SIMPLE – Casual means something comfortable to wear but still appropriate and polite to wear in the office area.

Make sure that you choose comfortable fabrics to wear for your rush even daily activities in the office. Something that make your move even easier, even if you’re really like to wear skirts.. just make sure that it gives you enough space to move and not makes you even complicated.

Of course you don’t want too much bussy just to care about your skirt. It will no longer efficient in work and just will loose your important tasks you need to finish.

#2. Second tips is BRIGHT – Colorfull means making you a center of an attractions, it also gives you a good mood booster. So that bright color is just fits for you who really active in the office.

Someone who always lead, having creativity and innovative.. having a good spirit and loving by others co-workers.

Bright color never makes you loose your opportunity to catch an attention from your boss, of course with your out of the box achievements.

Be bright, be you and shine an aura of successfull person in the work field. Shine bright and you’ll success will follow..

#3. Third is STUNNING – Something simple for casual is right, and bright color gives you a certain well mood booster.. but the last but not least important is being stunning.

It means, you need a hard work to be an example of your co-workers, your team mate, your boss, or even your bussiness partners, colleagues, and even your business rival.

Stunning is not just for your style outfits to work, even you working in the casual office, but still just do not underestimate to keep yourself even in style.

Style and choose a right outfits everyday to office, make sure that you will look stunning to face your unexpected opportunity, even your rivals.

Be stunning, having good achievements and be an example to even elevate your success – be stunning! as always 😀

I hope this simple tips office outfits from dee is useful for you all dear guyss! Just never and never underestimate every people because just remember that every people is also good in some certain field.

Having respect and you will gain your fully respect from others 😀 See yaaa next post dear guysss!!!! XOXO.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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