Swimsuit (Girl) Muslimah Inspiration


Don’t worry about what people think. They don’t do it very often 😛

Hello everyone..! hope you doing good as always, keeping healthy and enjoy in everything. Hmm if you feel like not getting an inspiration and started to get bored.. you might wanna escape to something cool places, like went on a vacation.

Talking bout vacation, who doesn’t love beach? trying to find a get away and free time with yourself and just have fun 😀 it just an alternative to reduce some hectic and go on a holiday would be great.. swimming, diving, surfing.. and all fun activities of course.

Swim..swim.. that one of thing that I used to scared of, why..? because I ever get drowning and almost helpless, even third times I experience this and that’s just make me afraid to swim. I wanna learn it so bad.. but the point is not that.. You know nowadays muslimah is really care bout fashion, also for swimsuit.

Recently now swimsuit muslimah can be an option to wear to the beach for muslimah women.. but from my experience sometimes using it not really comfy. Once when I did snorkling and using that kind breathe tools but it didn’t work properly because the used of “inner hijab”, sometimes I think might there a solution in this.. but yeah nowadays there are so many models and options in muslimah swimsuit and you just need to choose the comfy one and really suit you.

Simple tips: Just wearing full motif if you wanna to cover your body shape. It just will give you a look that a bit covered. Or if you wanna play safe just wearing something black as your muslimah swimsuit.. but yaaa the choice is still on your hand actually 😀

Enjoy your day and cheer! or next time you can teach me how to swim well yeaaayyyy!

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