Super Simple Style (Dee)


Single, taken, in a relationship. These are all just terms. Your status is measured by your actions 😛

Holla guysss.. how are you today? it’s been a while. I hope you’re doing fine as always and keep on spirit to face whatever challenge in your life.

There is a girl. She just so simple, having super simple style (dee). Sometimes she thinks that her face is just look a like her sister, yah.. she’s not twins actually but it feels like annoying when some of face detection like tagging makin some mistake in scanning their face hahaaa LOL.

Hmm..she’s really different with her sister, but actually deeply in their blood they have in commons. There’s funny that’s the fact is they both really like same genre of music, pop punk.. somethin bit, interesting in arts.. in different ways.. but some might not even makes any senses.

When she starts to make little smile like that, it just look a like her sister.. no doubt hahaaa. Even they used to argue, used to fighting each others.. sometimes in some point having same interest and ideas. Hmmm..

But when it comes to style.. they even taste the same, more details and perfectionist. Hmmm… She just wondering why? they just twinning with different charachters.

Look she just so simple, super simple style (dee). Outer is a must, t-shirt and comfy pants and complete look with hijab. She’s learning and keep learning to be better, more even syar’i and not act like kinda boyish anymore heheee.

I hope in the future I can be more and more learning how to be more syar’i and act like a lady 😀

This just simple dee, a girl with so much imperfections – free soul and simple thoughts.

Actually today is gabut day, I dunno what to post but keepin update by posting some notes hihii pardon me. I hope I can post some others interesting review to you all…

Ps: All style fashion here is just randomly mix and match by dee. She just kinda enthusiast with fashion, styling, design, stylist and.. arts.. and of course writing 😀

See yaa next post dear you guysss.. XOXO.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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