Sporty Pink (Girl)


I don’t always make sense, but when I do, I don’t 😛

Hello everyone…!!! still keep on spirit to face today? of course yaaa, if you don’t have a spirit then for what you keep to wake up hahaaa.. just kidding, just make it funny LOL.

It just another outfit post on the blog. Why I’m suddenly so diligent to post hahaaa, it’s because I don’t have many things to do instead of posting, and keep tryin to post whatever I love to.

Sorry bro, it’s girl’s zone.. but that’s okay if you just like to stopping by here just watching me heheeee, hmm anyway busway if you the one who really like something sporty, something simple.. it’s almost just looks like me, but nowadays I’m just a bit to remove something too tight and try to get alternative to be better, even sometimes I still can not moved on from jeans..

Because nowadays muslimah who is wearing hijab also the one that really dynamics and modern, they no longer just keep silent but active.. in also doing sports.

For me combining these two things and making it simple in a glance, just by wearing simple outfits to do sports like wearing casual long shirt, mixing with such pants/ sports pants and sneakers.

To look blend sporty and feminine, just again and again it just simply by wearing such trick color like pink. This is realy girly color yet you still look a like sporty style by combining it with others sporty things.

Just that simply sporty pink (girl). So don’t too much thinking of overthinking. Just free your move and be active. Hijab is not something that limiting you in doing sports whether it is indoor or outdoors activities.

So just enjoy guys! For men, please support and always taking care of your woman.. making them comfortable, and always support to keep her also stay istiqomah.

See yaaa next post guys!!!

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