Rebel Look Sporty (Girl)


Wanna be wasted but still love it, if you like it don’t waste to the trash then 😛

Hello guys! how have you been.. it’s been a while yach since my last post. Now it’s time to back to fashion heheeh, I hope you not boring to keep on eyes to the articles and enjoy being here. Danke!

It just another outfits post on the blog. You know what sometimes I wanna style like “rebel look” and feelin sporty. It’s not that rebel kind of image but just for fashion and outfits yaaa 🙂

The simple tips : Layering. Try to layer your tops like hoodie jacket, jacket, sweater or others outerwear do you love and mix and match it with t-shirt, jeans or denim pants, and better if you have a ripped jeans.. this will give you rebel sporty look that will bring senses of attractiveness.

If you the one who really like something sporty, this kinda look is an alternative that can you used as casual outfits. It is also not too complicated, just simple and yeayy you’re ready to go to explore.

Find your own style and shine gurls! wearing hijab it doesn’t means that limiting your space to explore, so why not? being fashionable is not prohibited. Just so inspired with many fashion trendsetter hijab in Indonesia.. and you could be the one yay 😀

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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