Pinky mood booster


 Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about 😀

Holla everyone..! Hope you doing good today and keep on spirit as always to face whatever obstacles on your path.

Today’s post is about pinky mood booster. Hmm.. why pink? because this color is really made my day, and sometimes it just happen to make me feel just sweet, even you have to face a though day.. this pinky just will make you keepin smile and strong.

How bout you guysss? do you have something to booster your mood, something you like, something that really gives you spirit and something really means to you? i bet you have one of course 🙂

Whether it’s color or “something”, whatever it is.. I hope that you’ll day will just be fine, just smooth enough to deal with.

Even the mood booster don’t worked, don’t giving you any effects.. just okay! you know sometimes.. mood is not coming by things, or peoples, or ambience.. It’s actually inside you, you the one who can embrace yourself.

So that pinky is just one of the thing. Just don’t be tricky of it.. just find out deep down your heart what makes you really intrigued, make you having an a ha moment and shine!.

See yaa next post guyss anyway! hmm just like that dee? ahaaa.. yaaach, if you want to add some few words.. just let me know.

Ps: You know what, I tried to use a bit of make up and the result was like that 😛 Just messed up and I realized that it just even better when I’m just so natural as usual.. so just okay laah yaach not everyday 😀 😛


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