No more dramas or confusion (Dee)


Don’t you sad of what they’re saying.. all in the universe is belongs to God. Seize the day end just enjoy!

Holla guyys.. Let’s just say : No more dramas or confusion!.

First of all, she just want to throw away the bad habbits in the past. She’s tryin and struggle.. she wanna be something better. Not tryin to change herself, she just tryin be better for a good intentions.

It’s good for her and also for others. She just learn, and won’t stop learning.. so just keep on spirit, keep strong enough to stand without dramas.

Look down to earth, not always lookin up to the sky.. just be like paddy (oryza sativa) hihii at least i’m still remember the biologycal name of it’s plant. Just don’t be too serious.. smile and just cheer 😀

Life is too short to spend in regrets, forgiving yourself and move forward.. be a better of you, always be yourself and never change.. of course when it comes to your heart.

So just let’s say it once more : No more dramas or confusion!.

This year, please be good and be better for us. Let’s keep move forward with hard work, workin as our best and don’t forget to praying.. at least we have a faith, something that make us keep on the line.

She just believe that somethin wonderful is about to happen in the very soon. No more dramas or confusion dee, because other peoples might experience more worst than ours.

Be grateful of everythings.

See yaa next post dear guysss… XOXO.

Ps: Look, the cat.. he might also said : “No more dramas or confusion” hihiii LOL. Just for fun anyway dear you guyssss…!!!

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