Loose sweater (inspired grey)


Hello single out there 😀 LOL.

It just for fun. By the way, how are you today? it is fall winter season in the other side of the world, and rainy season in the tropical country like here in Indonesia. For you who is really sensitive with the weather changes, don’t forget to take care more of yourself dear..

If you could go back in the past time, where would you go? hehe it is because I really miss to go to one place these days.

Missin strolling to Jogja (Yogyakarta) again, but alone is not a choice. It would be fun if there will be someone to accompany you to make not bad moment yaa surely hehee 🙂 of course the beautiful ones.

It’s just another blur pic, pardon for taking it’s not clear but I actually really loves this one. Really miss the moment..

I just inspired by loose sweater (inspired grey), it will suit you in the cold weather like happened in the recent days, and because of a rainy season is coming, just make sure that you choose the warm outfits for your daily activities.

If you get bored with the basic color or hijab, try to mix it with pattern and play with it.

Everything will just look good on you, as long as you’re comfy with it. Just be yourself and shine girls!.

Location: Ambarukmo Plaza, Yogyakarta, DIY, ID.


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