Kimchi and Smile Dee..


Yeaaay..! Weekend is about to come 😀 Seize the day and enjoy!

Holla guuuysss.. how are you today? it’s been a while. I hope you doing just fine, keep on spirit to face whatever obstacle happen in your life.

Always positive thinking and believe, no matter bad the person is.. she or he must be is a good person in the deeply heart and soul. So just never judge the people just by the cover.. know them closer.

Kimchi and smile dee.. if American people known of their slogan when they’re starting before taking picture : “Cheese and smile”, Korean also having their own words : “Kimchi and smile…”, and how about or lovely country Indonesia? of course there is : “Om Telolet Om” hihiiiii.. Just for fun anyway!.

That words can be our quotation, yupzz.. just smile! no matter what happen just keep strong enough to stand..

Never underestimate people, whether they’re bad or the good one.. both of them are good people, they used to good then just starting to acting bad.. that’s just the condition that form them, but just believe that actually every people is just “good” at the very first.

So just kimchi and smile dee.. do not keepin hatred on your heart because that just would make you ill. Just let go.. release your feelin guyys!. never hide something just on your own.. calling your friend, share with them.. chatting with your mom or your sweeatheart son. You might just need a friend.. someone that would listen.

Just let go.. scream out loud and just feelin free. Kimchi and smile.. sharing your compassion to others is just beautiful.. never keepin a revenge, spread love and peace.. life is too short to just feelin hate. Turn it into kindness and your compassion.. just let it be.

Kimchi and smile dee.. Om telolet Om. Whatever would people say about you just accept it. Some might hate, they might were right.. so just never and never underestimate peoples. Look into the mirror and you’ll know whether it curse or just you are hehee just for fun anyway. I mean look into yourself, introspection.. sometimes we need too a bit correcting ourself.

So just keep it simple.. Kimchi and smile dee 😀

See yaa next post dear you lovely guyss.. XOXO.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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