Jilbab Instan (Super Simple)


Do not come over.. if you just wanna hurt my feelings 😛

Hello everyone.. how have you been? Hope you doing good, stay healthy and always enjoy the day.

Some people think.. yaa some people yaa guys and not all have the same stereotype anyway, they said that wearing hijab will limit your activity, and even might think just not so comfy to wear it all day long.

But you know.. the fact is that there is a solution. Hijab is not that swag, you could always choose the most sophisticated and comfy one to wear with your own style.

Hijab fashion is growing so fast recently, and so many hijabers out there now even more fashionable with their own unique style..

I just inspired, and one of the best best hijab, simply to pick and wear in your daily activities and even it is an alternative for you who really not want to so complicated in wearing such a modif hijab with so many pins is by wearing “jilbab instan which is superb simple.

It just fits for your daily activities with so many variant options in color, shape, style, fabrics, motif or even just plain..  it’s up to you dear.

Super simply to pick and wear and yeayy you’re ready to go everywhere. It just one of d’simple tips 🙂

Location: The Old City, Jakarta

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