Jilbab Hoodie (Super Simple)


Just okay if your camera fail to focus, but please you don’t 😛

Hello everyone.. how are you today? I hope you doing good, keep to maintain your body and enjoy in everything.

It just another outfit post on the blog. I really inspired how the fashion fulfill the needs of every muslimah who wearing it by innovating in creating an instant hijab, and the one example is jilbab hoodie (super simple) to wear.

So many variants in hijab instant nowadays, and there’s one that super simple without adding pins and creating much in the hijab, we just wear it as simple as breathe like wearing a hat and just wearing an instant hoodie hijab, and you’re ready to go in a click.

In the dynamic world of daily activities, now hijabers also think about how simply and comfy to wear for their daily hijab, and this kind of hijab can be one alternative to fill the needs. Hmm what do you think guys?

Just a tips : If you’re the one which can not go with a heavy material, just pick hoodie or hijab which having not too thick fabricks, but of course don’t pick the transparent one 🙂

See yaa next post..

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