Hijab natural color


Assalamuallaikum.. Hello everyone!

I pray for your goodness today, hope you healthy and prosperous 🙂 Even my english is not really good, I tried to keep writing it in english because this is the way I could learn more about how I applied this language as a bridge for us to be connected via this blog.

By the way, I really comfy wearing hijab, jilbab, veil or whatever you will call it. It’s also a call for every muslimah to be more obeying Allah, to hide their body shape from others, to give a protection, and there are lots of reason and goodness on wearing it.. I believe.

The one of my favourite hijab is : hijab with a natural color like caramel brown, soft brown, cream as on the picture, because it always fits with whatever your skin tone and no need to applied much make up on your face, just try to be natural and blend with nature.

Wearing hijab is not means that you can not explore. Just be active and traveling more and you’ll get more inspiration, ideas and learn from modern hijabi surround us.

It’s not about to refuse the change, it’s more about to accept it and keep the balance of it. Enjoy fashion and stay istiqomah wearing hijab 😀

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