Happy Mother’s Day Mom..


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Dear “Ibu”, Mom.. Happy Mother’s Day..!

I never celebrate, and even giving you such surprise as others.. but you always knew that I really love you whatever would happen.

I believe your love for all of your kids are never fades, I just owe you so so much.. but even you never wanted to asked to return it back.

You just so sincere.. to all mom in the world. I just so inspired, and really respect to you all. Today is your day.. Happy Mother’s Day Ommonie!!!

I can not returned all your love back, all your efforts to raise me all the time until now.. I can not do that, and even sometimes i still can not make you just happy.. but believe me.. we will be happy as a family 🙂

Thank You for the sincere love, the pray that never stops for me.. I Love you, even sometimes I can not showing how I really love you.. you already knew, deep in your heart. You always knew your child.. You always understand.. and you always remember… whatever it is.

It’s just like above cupcake, I missed to spent time with you, baking a cake.. making a simple cupcake.. even not that good in result, but still the moment and laugh will last and always be missed.

This stubborn girl here wanna say that I miss you.. from far away. I have to be strong to make you happy! Thank You and thank you is might never enough..

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!! to all Mother, Mom, Mum, Mommy in the world.. Happy Celebrating Mother’s day… whatever it is, just save the date to your lovely and special mom today.

It’s not about the present, it more about your sincere compassion to your mom 😀 Ahhh.. missing home already, but still I can not be mushy.

See yaa next post dear guys anyway!!! XOXO

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