Fall Winter Color Funia


When people don’t make sense, listen to music. It always does ๐Ÿ˜›

Olla everyone.. How are you today? hope you doing well and keep to maintaining your body and enjoy in everythings.

It just another outfits post on the blog. Fall winter color funia.. yeaaay! in the other side of the world it’s already fall winter season and here also it’s rainy all the time and by the way it just fun to play with fall winter color, so that’s why today’s post is about fall winter color funia.

Fashion is not just about what’s happening, you know it’s also on the street.. what people used in commons, even sometimes inspired by nature like this fall winter season. Some inspired by the color of fall winter that mostly dominated by thick color like maroon, burgundy, mustard, brown, coffe-toned, etc..etc..

If you just bored enough of wearing somethin plain color, just play with motif or textures.. like wearing squared patterned top, styling in country in the fall winter would be great yaay.

You can simply wear the fall winter color funia,, yaah it’s just fun and you can try to mix and match with whatever you like and show who you truly color are.

Hmmm what about playing something out of the boxes, trying to be dare to using something ethnique or unique clothes on the fall winter? yeaah tht would be fine.. just find your comfy style for yourself and make sure that your clothes is reflecting who you are ๐Ÿ˜€

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