Yogyakarta (Take me back)


Some said every corner of your city is a romance, it’s true indeed. And I though every time I go to explore your city.. once is never enough. Please take me back.. YK.

Holla everyone..! how are you today, hope you doing good. It’s been a while and I just not having such good things to do. Actually I’m more creative to do outdoor workd, working in the field.. creating things, design, painting, dancing, doing sports.. and all that I love to do to make me move, but that’s okay!

I just spent more hours at home anyway and posting on this blog is the one can bring me travel everywhere 😀 on my imagination hahaa LOL.

Anyway it’s about a city in Indonesia, Yogyakarta. If US having New York.. then Yogya is more likely the same as the heart of mix cultures, people and fast movement going in arts, it’s ambience.. always changing and all mix together becomes something like it’s soul of real Java, because you seems like to feel the real Indonesia here.

I really love cultures and one of the heritage culture that still preserved is in Yogyakarta, the same with the neighbour city Solo, Surakarta.. it’s almost the same.. but every places, regions in Indonesia having their own unique traditions and if you wanna feel the hospitality of Indonesia, just come to feel Yogyakarta… ahhhh just so grateful to you who live there.

I really miss in getting lost in Yogya.. Please take me back. The myth said.. this city will always take you back if you visited the icon of this city, a monumen called “Tugu”. It just reminds me how I almost really get lost in the first visit of waiting someone who really knows the city and helps me to guide.. thank God!.

Unfortunately I still didn’t have time to explore Yogya more.. I wish I could back there again even just for a while. I might really needs a vacation hahaa.. you know what this city is never sleep.

Young people always making something creative in arts, performance on the street along “Malioboro”, it’s just so crowded sometimes now on.. even we can not get a space in the rush hours. It’s fascinating in day and night.. the difference feel and look.

Too much I wanted to write about this city, I might can not stop to write.. there still so many things that you need to feel on your own, so just try to visit this amazing city one time guys!

Because not that just the peoples, the places and it’s culinary as a part of also heritage and their traditions.. so many things interesting you could find. See yaa next post guys!

Ps: just ignore my messed face, not ready to shoot 😛

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